Operating for the first time – Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

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3.1 Important notes

Before operating the appliance for the first time,
please pay attention to the following notes:

Read through these instructions attentively before
operating the appliance for the first time.

Remove the packaging from the appliance and
dispose of it properly.
Pay attention to the fact that there are accessories
in the base of the packaging.
Keep packaging elements away from children.

Thoroughly clean the appliance and accessories
before using them for the first time. This will
eliminate any “newness” smells and soiling (see
Chapter 9).

3.2 Calibration

The boiling point of water depends on the
barometric pressure at mean sea level.

During calibration, the appliance is adjusted to the
pressure conditions prevailing at the altitude where
the appliance is installed.

Recalibrate the appliance manually if you should
move home to a different altitude (see chapter
entitled “Options menu” on Page 19).

Every appliance is subjected to a thorough check
before it arrives in your home. It is therefore
possible that there is still water in the appliance.

Before operating the appliance for the first time,
make sure that the water connection is properly

When you operate the appliance for the first time,
the suggested time 8:00 appears on the display.
You can now choose the required time of day by
pressing the + and – keys. Press the

(Confirmation) key to confirm the entered value.

3. Operating for the first time


The calibration process cannot be interrupted.

Should the calibration process be interrupted by
opening the door or switching off the appliance,
the steam oven will not function. The appliance
will automatically start calibration until the
operation has been completed.

Recalibration is not necessary after a power

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