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9.2 Cleaning the side plate

– Allow the appliance to cool down completely

before cleaning it.

– Be careful that no small parts fall into the base


– Pull out the left shelf after undoing the knurled nut

on the front side.

– The grease filter can be detached in the upward


– To remove the side plate, undo the 4 nuts with a

socket spanner (8 mm). Be careful not to scratch
the inside of the cooker.

– Do not use any abrasive cleaning agents to clean

the side plate.

– Limescale deposits on the side panel and on the

fan are harmless and do not detrimentally
influence functioning of your appliance.

– The inlet pipe should be cleaned regularly.

See chapter 10.3 entitled Descaling.

– Re-insert the side plate. Re-attach the grease

filter and the shelves.

– Check that all parts are fitted securely before

commencing operation of the appliance.


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