Cleaning and care – Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

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9. Cleaning and care

9.1 Manual cleaning

You should thoroughly clean the appliance before
operating it for the first time and after every

By doing so, you avoid baking in of residues.

After residues have baked in several times, they
are then difficult to remove.

Never use any abrasive or aggressive cleaning
agents such as abrasive agents, steel wool,
saponified steel wool, metal sponges, plastic
sponges or sponges with an abrasive surface.

After cleaning, remove all cleaning agent residues
without leaving any on the appliance.

When you wish to clean the appliance manually,
switch it off and allow it to cool down.

Clean accessory parts (cooking inserts etc.) in a
dishwasher or with hot water and rinsing detergent.
You can loosen food remainders that have burnt into
the cooking inserts by placing a little water and
rinsing detergent in the cooking insert. Soak these
in the steam oven at 70 °C and 100 % moisture.

The outer surfaces must only be cleaned with a
soft cloth. Do not use any commercially available
stainless steel cleaners as these may be aggressive
to the printed markings.

Clean operator controls and glass surfaces with
a soft cloth and light rinsing detergent and wipe
them dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not use any
abrasive or nitro polishing agents for cleaning. Do
not use any abrasive sponges either. Do not spray
anything onto the switch panel.
Do not use strongly alkaline cleaning agents (such
as oven spray) because these are aggressive to the
aluminium surface.

Do not scrape off burnt-in food remainders.
Remove them by means of the cleaning aid function
instead (see Chapter 9.3).


Do not clean this appliance with a steam

cleaning unit or with water pressure - risk of short-

Empty the drip channel and clean it.

Clean the grease filter at regular intervals.
Remove the support grills. Push up the grease filter
and then remove it.

Clean the strainer and the siphon at regular
intervals. To do this, unscrew the strainer from the
bottom plate.

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