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10.5 Remedying small malfunctions yourself

If you cannot remedy a malfunction yourself with reference to the list below:
– Switch off the steam oven and isolate the appliance from the mains.
– Shut off the water supply.
– Do not open the housing of the appliance.
– Call Gaggenau after-sales service.


What to do if... ?

The cause

The solution!

... The display stays off?

No voltage on the appliance.

Insert the mains plug in the socket.
Check the household fuse.

The time display has been switched off

Should you wish, switch the time display on using the options menu.

on the options menu.

... “R” appears on the display?

Calibration has not been done or has

Complete calibration.

been ended prematurely.

... The

(Heating up) symbol does

Appliance door is not closed.

Close the appliance door.

not appear on the display?

... The

(Tap) symbol flashes on

No water in the appliance.

Check the water connection.

the display?

... Water drips down the door?


The window always steams up at temperatures up to 100 °C.
Condensation is normal with steam.

Collecting channel on the appliance

Wipe out the collecting channel.

door is full.

... Steam escapes from the appliance

Not all the steam can be quenched

Caution when opening the door! Risk of scalding!

despite condensation?

because the food itself steams as the

Wait until quenching has ended.

result of its own heat.

... You can hear a humming noise?

The drain pump is emptying the

This is normal.

drain tank.

... The

symbol flashes on the display?

The child lock has been activated.

Switch off the child lock (see chapter 5.1).

... The

symbol lights on the display

The appliance is set to show room mode

Disconnect appliance from power supply for a few seconds (switch

and the appliance does not heat up?

without heating function.

off fuse), then within 3 minutes press + key and keep pressed and
turn “Temperature” control knob to any temperature (not light!).

... The temperature display does

The appliance is still heating up.

Small-scale periodic fluctuations of the cooking compartment

not indicate the set value?

temperature are normal.

... The oven lighting goes off?

At low target temperatures, the light

The light is activated for a few seconds every time a key

is switched off automatically because

or control knob is operated.

the lamp additionally heats up the
cooking compartment.

... No steam is generated?

The inlet pipe is clogged with scale.

See Chapter entitled “Descaling”.

... The water in the cooking

The drain is clogged.

Clean the drain filter and siphon and rinse through the drain.

compartment does not drain off?

... The pump repeatedly

The drain pipe is not laid in a gradient.

Refit the drain hose as described in the installation instructions.

starts periodically?

... The inside walls are covered in scale?

Water is too hard.

Connect a water softener.

... Steam escapes during

More steam is needed for the

No longer occurs later on during normal operation.

boiling point adjustment?

boiling point adjustment.

... an error sign appears in the

The appliance has recognized an error.

Disconnect the appliance from the mains for about 10 minutes

display (e.g. F20, F23, etc.)?

(e.g. by switching off relevant fuse). If after renewed
switching on the error is still shown in the display, please
call the Gaggenau after-sales service.

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