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3.3 What to do, when ...

Proceed as follows:
– Install the appliance at the required location (see

assembly instructions).

– Remove all loose parts from the oven

compartment (baking tray etc.).

– Close the appliance door.

– Open the water tap.

– Self-adjustment starts automatically as soon as

you turn the “Temperature” control knob to any
temperature. This takes around 15 minutes. The
elapsing time appears in the display. The “CAL”
symbol for calibration appears in the display.

– An audible signal sounds after completion of

calibration. The appliance is now ready for
operation. “--:--” appears on the display. The

(Duration) and

(Cooking time) symbols flash

on the display.

– Turn the “Temperature” control knob back to the

0 position. The appliance is now ready for


Fig. 8

Fig. 9

The display repeatedly flashes the

The appliance receives no water. Turn the water connection on. Check


(water connection).

that the pipe is correctly connected and free from bends. Turn the
“Temperature” control knob to 0 and then to the required temperature.

The R symbol appears on the display. The appliance has not been calibrated. Switch the appliance on,

the calibration process starts automatically.


symbol appears on the display. The appliance is in show room mode without heating function.

The appliance does not calibrate or

Disconnect the appliance from power supply for a few seconds

heat up, although the heating symbol (by switching off the fuse), then within 3 minutes press + key
appears on the display.

and keep pressed and turn “Temperature” control knob to any
temperature (not light!).


symbol flashes on the display.

The child lock is operating (see page 18).

The CAL and 40 °C symbol flash

The temperature in the oven is above 40 °C. Therefore the calibration

alternating on the display.

cannot take place. The actual temperature appears on the left of
the display. The appliance automatically cools the oven below
40 °C and re-starts the calibration.

F 61

or F 62 lights on the display.

Check the power and water supply. If these are functioning
correctly call the Gaggenau after-sales service.

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