Maintenance – Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

Page 37

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10.1 General

10.2 Lamp replacement

The appliance must always be disconnected
from the mains when being repaired.
If the appliance does not function correctly, check
the fuses and the water supply connection first.
If the power and water supply is functioning
correctly, but your appliance still does not work,
please contact your dealer or your local Gaggenau
customer service agency. Specify the appliance
type (see rating plate located on the inner side of
the door and also included with these instructions).
Repairs may only be carried out by authorised
electricians, in order to guarantee the safety of the
Unauthorised tampering with the appliance will
invalidate any warranty claims.

For technical reasons the lamp cover cannot be
removed. Lamp must only be replaced by
Gaggenau after-sales service.


10. Maintenance

The lamp cover must not be detached.

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