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6. Further uses


Low-temperature cooking
Vigorously browned meat matures over a longer
time at a lower temperature.

– Preheat the appliance to 70 - 80 °C (depending on

the size of the food). To do this, turn the “Moisture
content” control knob to the 30 % position.

– Briefly roast the meat on all sides in a pan.

Note: the longer you roast the meat in the pan, the
shorter the roasting time in the oven.

– Place the meat on a preheated plate in the oven.

– Larger pieces of meat (e.g. entrecote, roast beef

or leg of lamb) need 2 - 4 hours).
Smaller pieces of meat (steak or diced chicken)
take 30 - 60 minutes.

– You can reduce the temperature to 60 °C towards

the end of the cooking time. For larger pieces
of meat, you can extend the cooking time by
2 - 4 hours or for smaller pieces you can extend it
by 30 - 45 minutes.

Warming up ready-cooked meals without quality

– Heat up the appliance to 120 °C. To do this, turn

the “Moisture” control knob to the 60 % position.

– Portion cooked but cold meals on plates.

– Place the plates on the wire grill.

– Cooking time: 7 - 15 minutes.

Note: to reheat vegetables or pastas choose a
temperature of 100 °C and a moisture of 100 %.

Raising yeast dough, self-raising flour and sour
dough mixtures

– Place the bowl containing the dough on the wire


– Turn the “Temperature” knob to 30 - 40 °C and the

“Moisture content” knob to 60 %.

Extracting juice
The steam oven allows you to extract juices even
without a special juice extraction pot.

– Place the fruit or berries in the perforated

cooking insert.

– Insert the perforated cooking insert with the fruit

in the 3rd level from below.

– Place the deep unperforated cooking insert one

level lower to collect the juice.

– Turn the “Temperature” knob to 100 °C and the

“Moisture content” knob to 100 %.

Leave the fruit in the appliance until juice no longer
appears (1 - 2 hours depending on the type of fruit).

Preserving fruit, vegetables and meats in
preserving jars.

– Place the filled preserving jars on the gridiron or

the perforated cooking insert. Important: the jars
must not touch each other.

– Turn the “Temperature” knob to 100 °C and the

“Moisture content” knob to 100 %.

– Turn the “Temperature” knob to 0 as soon as the

contents of the jars begin to bubble.

Do not remove the preserving jars from the oven
until they have cooled down completely.

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