Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

Page 36

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– By pressing the

(Clock) key you can query the

remaining time. An audible signal sounds once
the cleaning aid has finished.

– Press the

(Confirmation) key to switch off the

signal. Do not turn the control knobs.

– Immediately clean the inside of the oven with a

soft brush, and wipe with a soft cloth. By pressing

(Steaming / condensing) key you can add

fresh water to aid cleaning (only when both
control knobs remain in the position cleaning aid).


(Steaming / condensing) key must

not be pressed when the side plate has been
removed. Risk of splashing!

– Should you leave the door open too long, that the

inside of the oven is too dry, repeat the process.

– To rinse the oven, close the door and heat the

oven for some minutes at 100 % moisture and
100 °C.

– Let the oven cool. You can now dry and polish the

inside of the oven and the glass panel with a soft
dry cloth.

– Turn the control knobs back to the starting

position. Reattach the grease filter and the
shelves. Check that all parts are fitted securely
before commencing operation of the appliance.


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