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9.3 Cleaning aid

Stubborn soiling can be loosened by means of
the cleaning aid and may then be removed more

You should not detach the grease filter. It protects
the fan against cleaning agent residues. You can
then clean the grease filter and shelves in a

– Allow the appliance to cool down completely

before cleaning it.

– Remove the shelves by undoing the knurled nuts.

The appliance can be wiped out better later on.

– Spray a household cleaning agent that is suitable

for stainless steel onto the cold appliance.

be careful that no cleaner comes in contact

with the aluminium panel while cleaning.

– Close the appliance door.

– Leave the agent to act according to

manufacturer’s instructions.

– Starting in the initial position, turn the two control

knobs by one latching position to the left (Fig. 30).

– The

(Cleaning aid) symbol lights up on the

display. The

(Duration) and

(Cooking time)

flash on the display (Fig. 31).

– The cleaning time of 30 minutes is shown on the

display. For heavy soiling you can change the
cleaning time to 40, 50 minutes or 1 hour by
pressing the + key.

– Press the

(Confirmation) key to start the


Fig. 30

Fig. 31


the light in the oven compartment is off

during the cleaning process.

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