Preface – Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

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With your steam oven you can experience
modern professional cooking technology in
your own household.

The steam oven offers the following advantages:

– Cooking with steam allows gentle preparation.

The valuable substances contained in the
foodstuffs you prepare are retained almost

– Diverse meals can be prepared without any

transfer of taste.

– Thanks to a special combined steaming

method, foodstuffs are neither dried out nor
drained of their goodness.

– Gently re-heating up food is possible, and

prepared meals retain their natural

To ensure that you will be able to use this
appliance in all its diversity, read through
the operating and assembly instructions
conscientiously before operating it for the first
time. The instructions contain important notes on
use, installation and maintenance of
the appliance.

On the following pages you will find important
notes on safety and operation. These notes will
serve to ensure your personal safety and the
lasting value of your appliance.

The chapters entitled “Structure and operating

and “Operation” tell you all about

what your appliance can do and how you operate

The chapter entitled “Cleaning and care” will
make sure that your appliance will stay operable
and beautiful for a long time.

We have also compiled some “Tips and tricks”
for your.

And now we wish you lots of fun with your
steam oven.

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