1 for your safety – Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

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1. Important notes

1.1 For your safety

You must not operate the appliance if it is damaged.

The appliance must only be connected by an
authorised specialist

, paying attention to

the relevant regulations of the power supply
companies and the regional construction
Observe the assembly instructions!

Caution: Fire risk!

Do not store any combustible

objects in your appliance. When operating the
appliance, only ever leave the inner parts inside the
cooking compartment that you actually need.

As the user, you yourself are responsible for
maintenance and proper use in the household.

Only ever operate the appliance under supervision.
Disconnect the unit from the water mains when it is
not in operation.


The appliance gets hot during operation.

Keep children away!


There is a risk of injuries if the door is not

closed properly. You could jam and crush your
fingers and hands.


Steam may billow out when you open the

door. If there is steam in the oven, do not reach in
with your hands! Risk of burns!


When removing the cooking insert hot

water may drip from the oven top. Risk of

Be careful when removing the cooking

insert as hot liquid might spill. Use heat resistant
oven gloves.

Leads of other electrical appliances that are used
in the proximity of the cooker must not be jammed
in by the hot oven door.

Do not clean the appliance with a steam cleaning
apparatus or with water pressure – risk of short-

Disconnect the appliance from the water and
electricity mains. Switch off the corresponding fuse
and turn off the tap.


For technical reasons the lamp cover

cannot be removed. Lamp must only be replaced
by Gaggenau after-sales service.


may only be carried out by authorised



The appliance must not be connected to the

hot water supply.

No warranty claims

can be lodged for any

damage resulting from failure to observe these

Technical modifications reserved.

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