Assembly instructions, 1 technical data – Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

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11.1 Technical data

Rating: 230 V 1N


or 400 V 2N


AC, 16 A

Heating power
Hot air heating element 2700 W
Max. water pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)

Technical modifications without notice.

11.2 Installation notes

Pay attention to Chapter 1 (Important notes).
The appliance must only be connected by an
authorised specialist, paying attention to the
relevant regulations of the power supply companies
and the regional construction regulations.
Pay attention to the maximum water pressure!
Measure the water pressure or inquire with your
local authority about the water pressure. Use the
correct connection set!

The installing technician is responsible for the
correct functioning of the appliance at the time of
installation. He must instruct the user on how to
operate the appliance correctly on the basis of
the Operating Instructions, and the user must be
instructed on how to disconnect the appliance in
an emergency.

We accept no liability for damage caused by failure
to comply with these instructions.
The appliance must always be disconnected from
the mains when being repaired or in an emergency.
Repairs and maintenance work must be carried out
by trained after-sales technicians.
Isolate the appliance from the electric and water
mains during every maintenance operation.
To do this, remove the mains plug or actuate the
corresponding fuse and turn off the tap.

Electrical connection conditions and water
connection information on the rating plate must

The wiring schematic that is adhered to the outer
panel of the appliance shows the connection variant
again. Do not use any extension leads!

The electrical safety of the appliance is guaranteed
only if the earthing system belonging to the
domestic installation is installed in accordance with

The manufacturer is not liable for damage that
might arise as the result of improper or non-existent
earthing of the appliance.

You can optionally connect the appliance to
230 V 1N


or 400 V 2N


by way of a properly

installed socket or junction box.
If the appliance is connected to 230V 1N


, a 16 A

fuse must be installed or, if it is connected to
400 V 2N


, it must be fused with 2 x 10 A.

As standard, the appliance is designed for a rated
voltage 230V 1N


and, in accordance with the

rating plate, it can be converted for connection to
400 V 2N



Insofar as necessary, the regulations of the local
electricity works must be observed. The appliance
conforms to EC guideline No. 76/889/EEC in
relation to radio interference suppression.
The local electricity supply company regulations,
the local kitchen equipment regulations and the
installation specifications detailed in DIN 1988, Part
4 and DIN 1986, Part 1 must be observed in relation
to connection and operation.
On installation, an isolating device with a contact
gap of at least 3 mm (e.g. fuse or LS switch) must
be installed.
Pay attention to fire protection regulations in the
proximity of heat-sensitive and fire hazard

When connecting the mains lead, you must at least
use a cable of the type H05 VV-F 3 x 1.5 mm




11. Assembly instructions

ED 22.-...

FD xxxx xxxx

AC 230-240/400-415V 2N 50/60 Hz 2900 W
M 36 W

M 24 W

60 W

16 A

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