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5.3 Core temperature sensor

Using the core temperature sensor, during the
cooking process you can measure the core
temperature of the food you are preparing exactly
between 1 °C and 99 °C. The sensor measures the
temperature in the interior of the meat. It indicates
when the set core temperature has been reached
and the meat has been cooked to satisfaction.

The core temperature sensor
– enables exact cooking to the spot.
– prevents overcooking of roasts.
– provides you with a display of the actual

temperature for total control of the cooking

Proceed as follows:
– Preheat the oven.

– Insert the cooking insert with the food.

– Insert the tip of the core temperature sensor in

the middle of the food, at its thickest point; not in
the middle in the case of poultry (hollow), but
between the belly and the thigh.
The measuring tip must not touch any bones and
should not be inserted into fatty tissue.

The core temperature sensor and the

sides are hot. Use a glove.

– Close the oven door.

– Press the

(Core temperature sensor) key twice.


(Core temperature sensor) symbol flashes

and the suggested value of 60 °C can be seen on
the display (Fig. 24).

– You can enter a value between 1 °C and 99 °C (see

table) by pressing the + and – keys (Fig. 25).

– Press the

(Confirmation) key to confirm the

entered value. An audible signal is sounded.

Fig. 23

Fig. 24

Fig. 25

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