Gaggenau ED221 User Manual

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Fresh water

– The water connection for the supply hose must

always be accessible, and must not be directly
behind the appliance.

– Connect the appliance to a cold water connection

with an R




“ hose gland.

– Insert the included dirt strainer on the tap end.

– Fit the angled connection on the appliance. The

minimum water pressure is 2 bar.

– The enclosed seals must be fitted expertly.

Tip: run the water for a few minutes if the water
pipe is new or if it has not been in use for a
prolonged period of time without the appliance
being connected to the water mains. Otherwise,
the water supply line may clog up and the
appliance will signal

that the water is low.

Note: the appliance must not be connected to
the hot water supply.

The steam oven is protected against back-suction
(DVGW-tested). There is therefore no need to
install connection fittings with non-return valve.
Special local waterworks regulations must be
observed very precisely.

If the hardness of the water exceeds 9 ° (English
water hardness), you must install a descaling
system before the appliance. We recommend the
descaling system WF 040-020 which you can order
from your kitchen specialist.


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If the water pressure in your house exceeds 6 bar,
you must use the connection set DR 220-010. The
connection set DR 220-010 is intended for an input
pressure of 6 to 10 bar. Contact your installing
technician if you do not know the water pressure
in your household.

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