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1.2 About use

The appliance is intended solely for use in the
household and must not be put to any other uses.

Use the appliance to prepare meals only. It must not
be used to heat up the room in which it is installed.

Only ever use the included cooking inserts


order the special accessories.
Do not place any items in the oven compartment
that might rust. Rusty accessories will lead to further
rusting in the oven compartment!
Do not use any silver tableware

in the cooking


The cooking compartment may become
discoloured during prolonged operation. This does
not have a detrimental influence on operability of
the appliance.

Operation is only possible when the door is closed,
otherwise there is a risk that water will spray out of
the appliance or that hot steam will come out.

The steam oven uses unpressurized steam,
therefore the door can be opened at any time
during cooking. To prevent extreme steam from
escaping when you open the door, you can
condense beforehand. Water may drip when
opening the door.

Steam may escape during operation and when
opening the door.


(Heating) symbol in the control panel goes

off as soon as the required temperature has been

Turn the “Temperature” control knob (right control
knob) to the 0 position after use.

In the event of malfunctions

, first of all check

the household fuses. If the problem has nothing to
do with the power or water supply, please contact
your specialist dealer or your local Gaggenau after-
sales service.

The door window may fog up at all moisture levels
(above all at the 100 % moisture level).

Operating noise may occur in all operating modes.
Opening and closing of the air flap causes clicking

The appliance rinses automatically when switched
on if it has not been in operation for a prolonged
period of time

or after a prolonged power failure

(several hours). This removes water that is left over
in the pipes.

The food being cooked must not come into contact
with the sides or the grease filter.

At set temperatures below 65°C, the light is
switched off after a few seconds to ensure that the
halogen lamp will not additionally heat
up the oven compartment. This ensures more
precise temperature coordination. The light in the
oven compartment is switched on again for a few
seconds if you turn one of the two control knobs or
if you press a key.

(automatic boiling point-adjustment):
The boiling point of water depends on the baro-
metric pressure. The barometric pressure changes
with the altitude of the place where the appliance is
installed. During self-adjustment, the appliance
adapts itself to the pressure conditions prevailing at
the appliance’s location.
The appliance cannot be operated if it has not
been calibrated!

The appliance features a descaling display.
When it flashes, this is an indication that the
appliance must be descaled. Before commencing
operation, you must enter the water hardness in
your household on the appliance.

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