What you can do with picturegear pocket – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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What you can do with PictureGear Pocket

PictureGear Pocket is a picture album application for your CLIÉ

Anytime anywhere...

You can store still image files from various sources, including those
taken with a digital camera or downloaded from the Internet to your
CLIÉ handheld, using PictureGear Pocket application. You can look at
your favorite image files anytime and anywhere.

Using PictureGear Pocket as a photo stand or a clock

Using the PhotoStand function, you can display image files that are
drawn on a computer or image files taken with a digital camera.
You can also use your CLIÉ handheld to display the current time on
your CLIÉ handheld screen while using the PhotoStand function.

Beaming my image files ...

Use IR (Infrared) communication to exchange image files easily with
other CLIÉ handheld users. You cannot beam image files to other Palm
OS based devices.

Pasting an image file to an address entry

You can paste an image to an address entry.
For details, refer to the Operating Instructions manual.

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