Using the clié handheld as a remote commander, Remote-controlling a device – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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CLIÉ Remote Commander

Chapter 5

Using the CLIÉ handheld as a remote

You can operate a remote-controlled device on the device’s control
screen. For those operations you have assigned to the Jog Dial

navigator or to the application buttons, see page 67.


• Be sure to point the IR port of your CLIÉ handheld toward the

device that you wish to remote-control.

• The reach of the remote-control signal is approximately 5 meters, but

it may vary depending on the receiving device or on the

Remote-controlling a device

Operating a device from the control screen


On the Application Launcher screen, rotate the Jog Dial

navigator to select CLIÉ RMC and press the Jog Dial
navigator. Or, tap the CLIÉ RMC icon on the Application
Launcher screen.

CLIÉ Remote Commander application starts and control screen for
the last used device appears.


If the setting for the last used device has been deleted, the Select Control
screen appears.


Perform either of the following to switch to the control
screen of the device you are about to remote-control.

• For devices assigned to a quick-start button:

Tap the quick-start button to which it is assigned.

• For devices unassigned to a quick-start button:

Tap Select, then tap to select the name of the remote
control setting from the list.

The control screen for the selected device appears.


Tap the onscreen buttons to remote-control the device.

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