What you can do with clié remote commander – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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What you can do with CLIÉ Remote

The CLIÉ Remote Commander is an application you can install on
your CLIÉ handheld to enable the CLIÉ handheld to function as a
remote commander.

A single remote control for multiple devices

You can control a variety of remote-controlled devices (e.g. TV, VCR,
DVD player) with a single CLIÉ handheld, switching among them
with a tap on the quick-start buttons.

Customizable to suit your needs

If the four quick-start buttons are not enough to suit your needs, you
can always set more devices and select them from the Select menu.

You don’t even need to look at the screen...

You can assign operations to the Jog Dial

navigator or to the

application buttons on the front panel. For example, if you assign
“increase volume” of a certain device to the upward rotation of the Jog
Dial navigator, you can always change the volume of that device in
that way without switching the control screen.

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