What you can do with world alarm clock – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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What you can do with World Alarm Clock

The World Alarm Clock is an application that you can install on your
CLIÉ handheld and that provides you with an additional clock, which
can give you the local time, the time around the world, and also work
as an alarm clock.

As a clock showing local time

You can view the present local time on your World Alarm Clock
application, and also set the clock to show Daylight Saving Time.

As a world clock showing the time around the world

In addition to the local time of your area, you can also view on your
World Alarm Clock application the local time of up to three other areas
of your choice around the world in a single time line, and the date of
each area. The world clock time line enables you to see whether you
are ahead or behind of a certain area in time and date, and can thus
help you in communicating with your business partners worldwide.

As an alarm clock capable of a variety of sounds

You can set several alarms on your World Alarm Clock application (in
a variety of patterns, e.g. vibrator, LED ) for a certain time or day of the
week. The tone for the alarm can be selected from among the sound
files you have installed on your CLIÉ handheld or from the
preinstalled sound files.

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