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Chapter 1

Displaying image files one after another

You can display image files one after another when you place your
CLIÉ handheld on the cradle (PhotoStand function).
You can also use your CLIÉ handheld as a clock by displaying the
current time using the PhotoStand application.

Making a PhotoStand setting


In the photo list screen of PictureGear Pocket, tap

The check boxes used for selecting the image files appear.


Tap to select the image file(s) which you want to display
with the PhotoStand function.


Tap PhotoStand.

The PhotoStand application starts, and the PhotoStand Settings
screen appears.


Make your settings.

Title: Enter the desired Photo Stand title.
Sort By: Select the order in which to display the image files.
Effect: Select the transition effect to be used between images or

choose the clock type.

Display Interval: Set an interval to determine the length of time

an individual image file will be displayed.

Loop: If you do not want to repeat image files automatically

from the start, tap to deselect this check box.

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