What you can do with ms import/export – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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What you can do with MS Import/Export

Both Memory Stick (MS) Import and Memory Stick (MS) Export are
applications designed to help you copy the data on your computer to
the Memory Stick media on your CLIÉ handheld directly without
performing a HotSync operation.

When copying the data on your computer

You have to use both the MS Import application for your CLIÉ
handheld and the MS Export software for your computer at the same

Before using the MS Import/Export applications

The MS Import application is already installed on your CLIÉ
handheld, but you have to install the MS Export software to your
computer (page 93).

Installing CLIÉ applications without performing a HotSync

Using the MS Import/Export applications, you can install application
files (.prc or .pdb) for your CLIÉ handheld without performing a
HotSync operation.

Using your CLIÉ handheld as a removable disk

The MS Import/Export applications enable you to use the Memory
Stick media inserted in your CLIÉ handheld as another removable disk
drive on your computer. Like other removable drives, you can copy
and move files between your CLIÉ handheld and your computer using
the Windows



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