Copying image files – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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Copying image files

Saving image files stored on your CLIÉ handheld to a
Memory Stick media (Export)


Display the image file that you want to save (page 14).




The Import/Export dialog box appears.

• To change the category of the image files, tap the arrow V and

select the desired category.

• If you want to delete the original image file stored on your CLIÉ

handheld, tap the check box next to Delete the original image.

• If you want to print the image with a DPOF (Digital Print Order

Format)-compatible printer, tap DCF, then tap to select Print
setting (DPOF). The selected image file will be saved on
Memory Stick media in DPOF.


Tap OK.

The selected image file is saved to the Memory Stick media.


If you save images marked in DPOF to the Memory Stick media, all DPOF
settings for image files previously stored on the Memory Stick media will be
overwritten and cleared.

To cancel the operation

Tap Cancel in step 3 above.

Saving multiple image files to a Memory Stick media at once


In the photo list screen, tap


The check boxes used for selecting the image files appear.

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