Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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CLIÉ Remote Commander

Chapter 5


Tap the arrow V next to the following items and select
the appropriate settings for your device(s).

Category: Select the device you want to remote-control. Select

from TV, VCR, DVD, AV-AMP (amplifier).

Maker: Select the manufacturing company of the remote-

controlled device from the drop-down list.

Mode: Select the remote control mode from the drop-down list

(different models may require a different mode in order to operate).

Button: Select which quick-start button you wish to assign the

device to. Choose the letter from the drop-down list, or select


Point the IR port of the CLIÉ handheld toward the device
you want to remote-control and tap Test (power on/off).

If the device does not respond to the CLIÉ Remote Commander,
select a different mode type in step 3.


In the Name box, enter a name for this remote control
setting (e.g. VCR in the den).


Tap OK.

A confirm dialog box appears.


Tap OK.

The remote control setting is assigned to the selected quick-start
button, and the control screen for the assigned device appears.


To assign more devices to the other quick-start buttons,
tap Select on the control screen and repeat steps 2 to 7.


Even if the manufacturer of the device is listed on the supported manufacturer
list on page 102, some devices cannot be remote-controlled depending on its
model or the year of its production.

Example of the VCR remote

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