Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

Page 87

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MS Autorun

Chapter 7

To use the auto-run function with this example

If the Application Launcher screen is displayed and you insert
Memory Stick media into your CLIÉ handheld, the PictureGear Pocket
application starts automatically. In this case, if you remove the
Memory Stick media, the PictureGear Pocket quits automatically and
the Application Launcher screen appears. For further information,
refer to the online manual for MS Autorun application.


If “Internal” is displayed at the top center of the PictureGear Pocket screen
during operation described above, the image files stored in your CLIÉ handheld
are displayed.
To view image files stored in the Memory Stick media, tap the arrow V on the top
center of the screen to select “MS.”

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