Drawing with clié paint – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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Pattern stamp tool: Lets you stamp various patterns on the

After you tap to select the pattern, the selected pattern is
displayed with a dotted border around it. While it is boxed, you
can drag it with the stylus and change its location on the image.
Tap anywhere outside the dotted border to place it.

Spray tool: Gives a sprayed effect in the selected color/


Blur tool: Gives a blurred, soft-focus effect where you trace

with the stylus.

Mosaique tool: Gives a mosaique effect where you select

with the stylus.

Changing the stroke width, letter size, or spray size

Tap to select one of the four stroke icons or spray size icons.
With the stroke icon, you can change the stroke width for the following
tools: pen, eraser, line, ellipse (no fill), rectangle (no fill), rounded
rectangle (no fill), and blur. You can also change the letter size for the
letter tool with the stroke icons.
The spray size icon changes the spray size for the spray tool.

Drawing with CLIÉ Paint

Stroke icons

Spray size icons

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