Drawing with clié paint – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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Color palette

Shows the color or a grayscale shade for drawing letters or objects.
PEG-T615C: Choose the color/shade from the palette. The bottom
left tab of the palette shows the presently selected color/shade
(including color/shade sampled with the color sampler tool).
To edit the selected color/shade, tap the bottom left tab. Tapping it
displays the color-picker and the RGB color level bars. Select a color
or adjust the color level and tap OK to change the color. To return to
the palette without changing the color/shade, tap Cancel.
PEG-T415: Choose the shade from the displayed 16-step grayscale.


Tool switch bar

Switches the displayed tool icons with the three boxes on the bar.


Tool icons

Shows the tools to draw shapes, patterns and letters.
For details on how to use each tool, see page 37.

Drawing with CLIÉ Paint

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