Viewing image files stored in your clié handheld, Transferring image files to your clié handheld – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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Viewing image files stored in your CLIÉ

You can transfer image files taken by a digital still camera or
downloaded from the Internet, etc. to your CLIÉ handheld. These
items can be managed using the PictureGear 4.4Lite software on your
computer. You can also optimize the photos for displaying them on
your CLIÉ handheld using PictureGear 4.4Lite software before
transferring them to your CLIÉ handheld.
For details on how to save image files in the format supported by
PictureGear 4.4Lite software, refer to the instruction manual of the
devices or imaging software you are using.

Transferring image files to your CLIÉ handheld

Prepare and format the image files you want to display on your CLIÉ
handheld with the PictureGear 4.4Lite software, and then transfer
them to your CLIÉ handheld.


Start PictureGear 4.4Lite software.

See page 12 for details.


Select the image file you want to send.

You can also select multiple images by holding down the Ctrl or
Shift keys while clicking.


From the File menu, select Output services and then
Install the image during the next HotSync.

The User name dialog box appears.


Click the arrow V to the right of the text box, and then
select a user name.

If necessary, click “Still settings” and set the size and compression
for the image file you want to send in the Settings for PictureGear
dialog box.


Click OK.

The image file you want to send and the user name are registered in
PictureGear software.


Place your CLIÉ handheld on the cradle, then press the
HotSync button on the cradle.

The registered image file(s) are automatically sent to your CLIÉ
handheld during the HotSync operation.

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