Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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Chapter 1


If you want to view DCF image files taken by digital still
cameras or etc., tap DCF.

If you want to view image files converted by the PictureGear Pocket
application or the PictureGear 4.4Lite software, tap PGP.


You cannot move, copy or transfer DCF format image files using the MS Gate
application. However, you can convert them into PGP format image files using
PictureGear Pocket application, and save them to your CLIÉ handheld.

Notes on DCF format

• DCF (Design rule for Camera File system) is an industry standard format for

storing image files established by JEIDA (Japan Electronic Industry
Development Association).

• Using the PictureGear Pocket application, you cannot view image files shot by

a device that does not support the DCF format such as the Sony digital video
camera recorder DCR-TRV9000 or Sony digital still camera DSC-D700/D770.

• DCF format image files are stored in the DCIM directory of the Memory Stick


• For best results, use the PictureGear 4.4Lite software on your computer to

convert the images to PGP format before storing them in a Memory Stick

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