Starting photostand – Sony PEG-T615C User Manual

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Show the icon on Home Screen: If you do not want to show

the icon of the file set for PhotoStand application on the
Application Launcher screen, tap to deselect this check box.

Autorun: If you want to start PictureGear Pocket application when

you insert the Memory Stick media into your CLIÉ handheld, tap
to select this check box. This option appears only if you select the
images stored on the Memory Stick media for the PhotoStand.


Tap Save.

The image files that you selected in step 2 and the settings you
made in step 4 are saved with a PhotoStand title.


Do not copy the Photostand settings to/from the Memory Stick media from/to
the CLIÉ handheld. A malfunction may occur.

Starting PhotoStand


On the Application Launcher screen, rotate the Jog Dial
navigator to select PhotoStand and then press the Jog
Dial navigator. Or, tap the PhotoStand icon on the
Application Launcher screen.

PhotoStand application starts.


Tap the PhotoStand title that you want to play.


Tap Start.

Image files in the selected category appear one after another.

Exiting PhotoStand

Press the Jog Dial navigator or tap the screen.

For the PhotoStand title lists stored on the Memory Stick media

Select “VMS” in step 2.

Displaying image files one after another (PhotoStand)

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