Install or verify windows networking components – NETGEAR ME103 User Manual

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Reference Manual for the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point


Preparing Your PCs for Network Access

August 2003


Type winipcfg, and then click OK.

The IP Configuration window opens, which lists (among other things), your IP address, subnet
mask, and default gateway.


From the drop-down box, select your Ethernet adapter.

The window is updated to show your settings, which should match the values below if you are
using the default TCP/IP settings that NETGEAR recommends for connecting through a
router or gateway:

The IP address is between and

The subnet mask is

The default gateway is

Configuring Windows 2000 or XP for TCP/IP Networking

As part of the PC preparation process, you may need to install and configure

TCP/IP on each networked PC. Before starting, locate your Windows CD; you may need to insert
it during the TCP/IP installation process.

Install or Verify Windows Networking Components

To install or verify the necessary components for IP networking:


On the Windows taskbar, click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.


Double-click the Network and Dialup Connections icon.


If an Ethernet adapter is present in your PC, you should see an entry for Local Area
Connection. Double-click that entry.


Select Properties.


Verify that ‘Client for Microsoft Networks’ and ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’ are present. If
not, select Install and add them.


Select ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’, click Properties, and verify that “Obtain an IP address
automatically is selected.


Click OK and close all Network and Dialup Connections windows.


Then, restart your PC.