NETGEAR ME103 User Manual

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Reference Manual for the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point



August 2003

IP Address

A four-byte number uniquely defining each host on the Internet, usually written in dotted-decimal notation
with periods separating the bytes (for example,
Ranges of addresses are assigned by Internic, an organization formed for this purpose.


Internet service provider.

Internet Protocol

The main internetworking protocol used in the Internet. Used in conjunction with the Transfer Control
Protocol (TCP) to form TCP/IP.


A communications network serving users within a limited area, such as one floor of a building.

local area network

LAN. A communications network serving users within a limited area, such as one floor of a building.
A LAN typically connects multiple personal computers and shared network devices such as storage and
printers. Although many technologies exist to implement a LAN, Ethernet is the most common for
connecting personal computers.

MAC address

The Media Access Control address is a unique 48-bit hardware address assigned to every network interface
card. Usually written in the form 01:23:45:67:89:ab.


Megabits per second.


MD5 creates digital signatures using a one-way hash function, meaning that it takes a message and converts
it into a fixed string of digits, also called a message digest.
When using a one-way hash function, one can compare a calculated message digest against the message
digest that is decrypted with a public key to verify that the message hasn't been tampered with. This
comparison is called a "hashcheck."


In cable wiring, the concept of transmit and receive are from the perspective of the PC, which is wired as a
Media Dependant Interface (MDI). In MDI wiring, a PC transmits on pins 1 and 2. At the hub, switch,
router, or access point, the perspective is reversed, and the hub receives on pins 1 and 2. This wiring is
referred to as Media Dependant Interface - Crossover (MDI-X). See also Auto Uplink.


A technique by which several hosts share a single IP address for access to the Internet.