NETGEAR ME103 User Manual

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Reference Manual for the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point

Basic Installation and Configuration


August 2003

How to Log In to the ME103 Using Its Default IP Address

1. is the default IP address of your access point. However, the ME103 is also set,
by default, to be a DHCP client. So, if the ME103 has not yet been installed, and there is no
DHCP server on the network, you can log in to the ME103 using its default IP address.
Otherwise, you should use either the NetBIOS login described in

“How to Log In to the

ME103 Using Its Default NetBIOS Name” on page 3-8

or the procedure described in

“Set up

the ME103 Access Point” on page 3-5

” which uses a static IP configuration.

Note: The computer you are using to connect to the ME103 should be configured with an IP
address that starts with 192.168.0.x and a Subnet Mask of


Open a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.


Connect to the ME103 by entering its default address of

into your



A login window like the one shown below opens:

Figure 3-7: Login window

Log in use the default user name of admin and default password of password.

Once you have entered your access point name, your Web browser should automatically find
the ME103 Access Point and display the home page, as shown in

“Login result: ME103 home

page” on page 3-9