I am using eap-tls security but get disconnected, I cannot connect to the me103 to configure it, I cannot connect to the me103 to configure it -3 – NETGEAR ME103 User Manual

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Reference Manual for the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point



August 2003

I am using EAP-TLS security but get disconnected.

With 802.1x, occasionally, sporadic wireless communications interference might cause the
encryption key to get dropped. This is not a breach of security. However, if so, your
wireless client can be disconnected from the ME103.

Perform these steps:


Simply disable and then enable the wireless NIC from the Windows Control Panel in
the Network connections section, or from the windows system tray on the lower right
of the Windows task bar at the bottom of your screen



Upon restarting your wireless adapter, the

ME103 will re-authenticate you and establish a

new wireless connection


I cannot connect to the ME103 to configure it.

Check these items:

The ME103 is properly installed, LAN connections are OK, and it is powered on. Check that
the LAN port LED is green to verify that the Ethernet connection is OK.

If you are using the NetBIOS name of the ME103 to connect, ensure that your PC and the
ME103 are on the same network segment or that there is a WINS server on your network.

If your PC is set to “Obtain an IP Address automatically” (DHCP client), restart it.

If your PC uses a Fixed (Static) IP address, ensure that it is using an IP Address in the range of
the ME103. The ME103 default IP Address is and the default Subnet Mask is If you are not sure about these settings, follow the instructions for


the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point” on page 3-5


When I enter a URL or IP address I get a timeout error.

A number of things could be causing this. Try the following troubleshooting steps.

Check whether other PCs work. If they do, ensure that your PCs TCP/IP settings are correct. If
using a Fixed (Static) IP Address, check the Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS, and IP