NETGEAR ME103 User Manual

Page 106

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Reference Manual for the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point


Preparing Your PCs for Network Access

August 2003

The Local Area Connection Properties
dialog box appears. Verify that you have
the correct Ethernet card selected in the
Connect using: box and that the following
two items are displayed and selected in the
box of “Components checked are used by
this connection:”

Client for Microsoft Networks and

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Click OK.

With Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) selected,
click on Properties to open the Internet
Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialogue
box. Verify that

Obtain an IP address
is selected.

Obtain DNS server address
automatically is selected.

Click OK to return to Local Area
Connection Properties. Click OK again to
complete the configuration process.

Restart the PC. Repeat these steps for each
PC with this version of Windows on your