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Reference Manual for the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point

About This Manual


August 2003

How to Use the HTML Version of this Manual

The HTML version of this manual includes these features.

Figure 1-1: HTML version of this manual

1. Left pane. Use the left pane to view the Contents, Index, Search, and Favorites tabs.

To view the HTML version of the manual, you must have a version 4 or later browser with
Java or JavaScript enabled. To use the Favorites feature, your browser must be set to accept
cookies. You can record a list of favorite pages in the manual for easy later retrieval.

2. Toolbar buttons. Use the toolbar buttons across the top to navigate, print pages, and more.

The Show in Contents button locates the currently displayed topic in the Contents tab.

Previous/Next buttons display the topic that precedes or follows the current topic.

The PDF button links to a PDF version of the full manual.

The E-mail button enables you to send feedback by e-mail to Netgear support.

The Print button prints the currently displayed topic. Using this button when a
step-by-step procedure is displayed will send the entire procedure to your printer--you do
not have to worry about specifying the correct range of pages.

The Bookmark button bookmarks the currently displayed page in your browser.

3. Right pane. Use the right pane to view the contents of the manual. Also, each page of the

manual includes a “PDF of This Chapter” link at the top right which links to a PDF file
containing just the currently selected chapter of the manual.