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Reference Manual for the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point



August 2003

Saving and Retrieving the Configuration

The Backup/Restore Settings menu allows you to save or retrieve a file containing your wireless
access point’s configuration settings.

To save your settings, click the Save button. Your browser will extract the configuration file from
the wireless access point and prompts you for a location on your PC to store the file. You can give
the file a meaningful name at this time, such as operations.cfg.

To restore your settings from a saved configuration file, enter the full path to the file on your PC or
click the Browse button to locate the file. When you have located it, click the Retrieve button to
upload the file. After completing the upload, the ME103 will reboot automatically.

Restoring the ME103 to the Factory Default Settings

It is sometimes desirable to restore the wireless access point to the factory default settings. This
can be done by using the Restore function, which restores all factory settings. After a restore, the
wireless access point's password will be password, the ME103's DHCP client is enabled, the
default LAN IP address is, and the NetBIOS name is reset to the name printed on
the label on the bottom of the unit.

Using the Reset Button to Restore Factory Default Settings

To restore the factory default configuration settings without knowing the login password or IP
address, you must use the Default Reset button on the rear panel of the wireless access point (see

“ME103 Wireless Access Point Rear Panel” on page 2-7

). The reset button has two functions:

Reboot. When pressed and released, the Wireless Access Point will reboot (restart).

Reset to Factory Defaults. This button can also be used to clear all data and restore all
settings to the factory default values.

To clear all data and restore the factory default values:


Power Off the ME103


Hold the Reset Button down while you Power On the ME103.


Continue holding the Reset Button until the LEDs blink twice.


Release the Reset Button.

The factory default configuration has now been restored, and the ME103 is ready for use.