NETGEAR ME103 User Manual

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Reference Manual for the ME103 802.11b ProSafe Wireless Access Point

Basic Installation and Configuration


August 2003

Information to Gather Before Changing Basic Wireless Settings

Before customizing your wireless settings, print this form and record the following information. If
you are working with an existing wireless network, the person who set up or is responsible for the
network will be able to provide this information. Otherwise, you will choose the settings for your
wireless network. Either way, record the settings for your wireless network in the spaces below.

Wireless Network Name (SSID): ______________________________ The SSID, identifies
the wireless network. You can use up to 32 alphanumeric characters. The SSID is case

Note: The SSID in the wireless adapter card must match the SSID of the wireless access point.
In some configuration utilities (such as in Windows XP), the term “wireless network name” is
used instead of SSID.

Authentication. Circle one: Open System or Shared Key.

Authentication is unrelated to encryption of data transmissions. Shared Key provides more
network access security.

Note: If you select Shared Key, the other devices in the network will not connect unless they
are set to Shared Key as well and are configured with the correct key.

WEP Encryption key size. Choose one: 64-bit or 128-bit. 128-bit provides stronger data
security. Again, the encryption key size must be the same for the wireless adapters and the
wireless access point.

Data Encryption (WEP) Keys.

There are two methods for creating WEP data encryption keys. Whichever method you use,
record the key values in the spaces below.

Passphrase method. ______________________________ These characters are case
sensitive. Enter a word or group of printable characters. When you enter the Passphrase
and click the Generate Key button on the ME103, the keys will be generated.

Manual method. These values are not case sensitive. For 64-bit WEP, enter 10 hex digits
(any combination of 0-9 or a-f). For 128-bit WEP, enter 26 hex digits.

Key 1: ___________________________________

Key 2: ___________________________________

Key 3: ___________________________________

Key 4: ___________________________________

Use the procedures described in the following sections to configure the ME103. Store this
information in a safe place.