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This chapter provides an overview of Oracle Retail Place and a roadmap for
implementing the application. It contains the following sections:

Overview of Place

Overview of Oracle Configuration Manager

Roadmap for Implementing Place

Overview of Place



Retail Place enables retailers to generate and publish recommended

allocations based on optimal size profiles, pack configurations, available warehouse
inventory or advance shipping notices (ASNs), and forecasted sales. It also enables the
retailers to integrate the other systems to capture the daily warehouse inventory, the
current ASNs, and generate the recommended allocations to the stores.

Place is a Web-based allocation optimization system that helps retailers optimize the
distribution of the merchandise to the stores. It helps the retailers to allocate the right
merchandise at the right time to the right stores.

Place Enterprise Components

The Place application is a distributed application, using an application server as the
platform for the services, a database, and several other software components. It
contains the following components:

Client System Tier

Application Server Tier

Database Server Tier

The following figure displays a typical configuration: