Oracle Audio Technologies Oracle Retail Place 12.2 User Manual

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Installing Place


Oracle® Retail Place Installation Guide

Return Value

When run in the silent mode ( -s), a trace message appears on the console (the
stdout). When run in the Oracle Installer mode (the default), the script displays a
graphical user interface.


The Place installation creates the Place directory structure, populates it with
appropriate files, and when the installation finishes, a log file and two properties files
are generated.

If the installation resulted in issues, see

Troubleshooting Installation Issues


Installing Place Using the Graphical Oracle Installer

If you prefer to use a guided user interface, you can use the graphical Oracle Installer.

To install Place using the Oracle Installer:


Ensure that you have completed

"Setting Up Your Installation Properties File"


page 5-3.


Ensure that your application server software is running.


If you are viewing the installer from a Windows client:

On the Windows client, start an Xserver program that enables you to emulate
the X terminal.

On the application server, set the display for the Windows client where you
want the Oracle Installer to display as follows:

export DISPLAY=<IP address>:0.0


From your application server machine, enter the following command:

-p <path-to->

Optional. Specifies an alternate path to the
file. Defaults to ./

-l, --log-config

Optional. Specifies an alternate log4j configuration file (to
change the verbosity level or the log file output location).
Defaults to ./Install/conf/ The log4j log file
is used for troubleshooting.

-y | -n

Optional. Specifies whether or not to overwrite existing files.
Defaults to -y (overwrite).

-d <XML path>

Optional. Specifies an alternate path to the XML install
scripts. Defaults to ./InstallScripts.

-x <filename.xml>

Optional. Specifies an alternate XML install script file within
the ./InstallScripts directory.

-i, --websphere | -b, --weblogic

Optional. For specifying your application server.


Optional. Prints a help message.


Although you can run the installation without setting up the

installation properties file, ensure that you set up the installation
properties file, and then start the installation.