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Upgrading a Co-deployed Environment


Oracle® Retail Place Installation Guide

Upgrading a Co-deployed Environment

When upgrading to the Plan Release 12.2 and Place Release 12.2 on an existing
co-deployed environment, the installation may abort because of the incompatible

The following example (

Example 6–1

) displays an error message that lists the

incompatible components (Alert 1.3.1 and Suite 1.5.0).

Example 6–1

Incompatible Components Error

ERROR: The following components are not compatible:

ERROR: Alerts 1.3.1 and Suite 1.5.0

In case the installation aborts because of the incompatible components, use the "-P"
argument in the install.sh for the first product upgrade. This ensures that the first
product upgrade completes successfully (incompatible components get reported as

When you run the next product Release 12.2 upgrade, the latest compatible versions of
the components are retained, and the warnings get resolved. For the second upgrade,
you can run the upgrade without the "-P" argument.

For more information on the "-P" argument and the install.sh syntax, see



the chapter Installing Place.

Setting Up a Foreign JMS Server on WebLogic Server

In case you have set up a Plan-Place co-deployed environment over clusters, you must
set up the Foreign JMS Server capability in WebLogic so that the stores information is
synchronized and accessible through both the applications.

To set up a foreign JMS Server:


As an administrator, log on to the Weblogic Server console.


Create a JMS connection factory.


Once created, target, and deploy the connection factory on the Plan cluster. The
JNDI name should be the same as the "connection-factory-jndi-name" value given
in the "weblogic-ejb-jar" for the "StoreSetChangeHandler" MDB.

For example,

Name: CommonConnectionFactory

JNDI Name: CommonConnectionFactory


Configure a new Foreign JMS Server.


Once created, target, and deploy the Foreign JMS server on the Place cluster.

For example,

Name: NotificationJMSServer

JNDI Initial Context Factory: weblogic.jndi.WLInitialContextFactory

JNDI Connection URL: provide plan app URL (eg. t3://dev-app-l07:7090).


Create a Foreign JMS connection factory. Mention the local and remote JNDI
names as given for CommonConnectionfactory.

For example,

Name: RemoteConnectionfactory