Oracle Audio Technologies Oracle Retail Place 12.2 User Manual

Page 61

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Setting Up a Foreign JMS Server on WebLogic Server

Installing Place Over Plan


Local JNDI Name: CommonConnectionFactory

Remote JNDI Name: CommonConnectionFactory


Configure a new Foreign JMS Topic and point it to the topic created under the
CommonJMSServer deployed on Plan.

For example,

Name: RemoteNotificationTopic

Local JNDI Name: com.profitlogic.notification.topic

Remote JNDI Name: com.profitlogic.notification.topic


Restart the servers.

Since the Place JMS configuration depends on Plan, and the two servers are started
concurrently, the following exception is logged during the start up in the Place logs
(see below). The JNDI lookup is retrieved by the Place server after start up and hence
the exception can be ignored during the start up.

Registering Application: Store set

com.profitlogic.common.notification.EventException:(1217324969224:0): JNDI lookup

failure[javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception is t3://dev-app-l07:7090: Destination unreachable; nested

exception is: Connection refused; No available router to


<.......... More exceptions>


The 'com.profitlogic.notification.topic' used above is the JNDI

name of NotificationEventTopic under CommonJMSServer.


To avoid the exception, Place servers must be started

sequentially after Plan servers during startup.