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Supported Configurations


Oracle® Retail Place Installation Guide

Planning for Optimal Place Performance

Consider the following steps to plan and prepare the product environment.


Determine the Place metrics relevant to your business needs.


Determine your relevant business policies. The business policy is a statement of
what rules govern the application processes. You need to develop a business
policy based on your business rules. For more information about business rules,
see the Place Configuration Guide.


Plan the periodic batch loading of business and historical databases. This also
includes the data feeds needed from the external systems for nightly, weekly, and
periodic batch updates and recycling.

Supported Configurations

This section describes the hardware and network requirements for the Place
application, and includes the following topics:

Network Requirements

Database Requirements

Application Server Requirements

Client System Requirements

Network Requirements

This section describes basic requirements for your network infrastructure:

For connections between servers use the following:

Minimum: 100 MBps switched ethernet

Recommended: 1000 MBps

For connections to the desktop, 100 MBps is sufficient.

Managed Server Configuration

You can host the Place application and the Calculation Engine over multiple server
instances (managed servers), and set up clusters to improve the system performance.
The following list illustrates a typical cluster configuration:

Application Cluster - two or more managed server nodes that host instances of
Place and its related applications.

Calculation Engine Cluster - two managed server nodes that host instances of the
Calculation Engine.

For clustered and multi-server implementations, a hardware load balancer may be
required. Cisco CSS series is supported.


Although the Place application can work along with managed

servers, Failover clusters are not supported at the database or the
application server tier. In an event of a failure of an instance, instead
of the user’s session migrating to another (spare) instance, the user
will get redirected to the Place Login page.