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Setting Up the Application Server



Setting Up the Application Server

Before installing the Place application, you must set up a domain on the application
server. Based on your business need, you must set up the domain to include one or
more server instances, and logically related resources and services.

This chapter describes how you can set up a domain on the WebLogic server. It
contains the following sections:

Installing the WebLogic Server

Setting Up a WebLogic Domain

Setting Up the WebLogic Startup Script

Setting Up the Maximum Message Size

If you plan to use clusters for the Place installation, Oracle recommends that you
create the clusters before setting up the domain. Otherwise, the managed servers must
be added manually. For information about managing clusters, see the documentation
for your application server.

Installing the WebLogic Server

The Place application requires the use of the BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 SP6. Ensure that
the Weblogic Server is installed on the system. For more information on installing the
WebLogic Server, see the BEA Online Documentation.

In this guide, the WebLogic installation directory is referred to as the <WL_HOME>