Client system tier, Application server tier – Oracle Audio Technologies Oracle Retail Place 12.2 User Manual

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Overview of Place


Oracle® Retail Place Installation Guide

Figure 1–1

Typical Configuration for Place

Client System Tier

The Client System tier contains the systems that connect to the Place application using
a Web browser. It includes systems with the following components:

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, with ActiveX control

Application Server Tier

The Application Server tier contains the application server domains, clusters, and
managed servers set up as a platform used by the application and calculation engine.
This tier includes the following components hosted on the application server (BEA
WebLogic Server):

Application – The Place application resides on a domain configured on this
application server. You can install and run multiple instances of the application
server or multiple application server machines, based on your business needs.

Calculation Engine – It also installs on a specific domain configured on the
application server. To improve performance, you can install and run multiple
engines, and move them to any other production server within your environment
as needed.


Oracle recommends that you set up separate hosts for the

application and the Calculation Engine.