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Planning Your Installation



Planning Your Installation

Before installing the Place application, you must first determine the performance and
availability goals for your business, and then plan the hardware, network, and storage
requirements accordingly. This chapter provides some basic considerations for the
implementation. It also includes the list of hardware and software requirements.

This chapter includes the following sections:

Overview of the Planning Process

Supported Configurations

Overview of the Planning Process

Planning your implementation prior to an installation also gives you a better
understanding of the environment, and enables you to adapt faster to any future
changes in the environment setup.

This section contains the following topics:

Planning Your Environment

Planning for Optimal Place Performance

Planning Your Environment

Use the following steps to plan and prepare the product environment:


Plan and design the infrastructure, based on your business needs, for the
installation. This includes:

Meeting the hardware and associated software requirements.

Acquiring the prerequisite software (and licensing).

Setting up the load balancers and clusters.

Gathering the capacity data.

Planning the data security policies.

Designing the backup and recovery strategies.


Determine the size of the implementation.


Identify source systems. Identify the systems that will exchange data with Place.