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Setting Up the Database



Setting Up the Database

Before you run the Oracle installer to install the application, you must set up the
database to include certain necessary tablespaces, and a database user account. This
chapter describes how you can set up your database, and the various database
components. It contains the following sections:

Installing the Database

Creating the Default Tablespaces

Creating the Default Data User Account

Creating the Database Links

Installing the Database

The application requires the use of the Oracle


10g Database Release 2 ( and

the Natively Compiled Java Libraries (in the Oracle Database Companion CD).

Ensure that the Oracle Database software is installed along with the Natively
Compiled Java Libraries. For more information, see the Oracle Database Installation
Guide, 10g Release 2 (10.2)
and Oracle Database Companion CD Installation Guide, 10g
Release 2 (10.2)


If your database requires multi-byte support, specify the following

properties in your init.ora file:




To manage the associated data and other database components

effectively, Oracle recommends that you set up separate instances for the
business database and the historical database.

In case you plan to set up separate instances, you must create database links
between the instances. For more information, see

Creating the Database Links