Database server tier – Oracle Audio Technologies Oracle Retail Place 12.2 User Manual

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Overview of Place



Database Server Tier

The Database Server tier contains the systems configured with the database
management systems (Oracle 10g Database) along with the necessary database

The following essential schemas are created during the Place installation:

AUDIT schema – contains information that helps you better track objects, events
and critical data changes.

PLACE schema – contains data specific to the application.

OAK schema – contains the business data essential for the application, such as
merchandise hierarchy, product information, inventory positions, store
information, and so on.

ELM schema – contains the historical data that includes per store and per item
sales activities stored over a time period (daily, weekly, and so on.)

PINE schema – contains the demand parameters data (result of the curve fitting
algorithms) to drive the forecast demand models, including item seasonalities,
price elasticities, and curve fitting parameters.


Oracle recommends that you set up separate instances for the

business database (AUDIT, PLACE, OAK, and PINE schema included
in a single BASE schema) and historical database (ELM schema).