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This guide enables you to install the Oracle Retail Place application, along with the
server-side components required for the application.


This guide is intended for system administrators and assumes that you are familiar
with the following:

Installing and configuring application server software

Installing and configuring relational database management systems

Installing and configuring distributed client/server applications on a UNIX-based
local area network

Related Documents

For more information about using the Place application, the following documents are
available in the Oracle Retail Place Release 12.2 documentation set:

Oracle Retail Place Administration Guide

Oracle Retail Place Configuration Guide

Oracle Retail Place Operations Guide

Oracle Retail Place User Guide

Supplemental Documentation on MetaLink

The following technical white paper is available on the MetaLink Web site:

MetaLink Note 737759.1: Oracle Retail Password Security Management Guide

Oracle Retail Plan and Place applications now include a Password Security
Management module that helps you generate and store encrypted passwords used in
the application. This enables you to meet the password encryption security policies or
laws mandated for your business.

The white paper introduces you to the Password Security Management module and
the methodology adopted to encrypt the passwords. It also includes information that
will help you perform administrative or recovery tasks efficiently.