Oracle Audio Technologies Oracle Retail Place 12.2 User Manual

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Installing Place

Installing Place


Database alias

– Enter the database alias, which is typically the same name as

the database.


– Select one of the following options:

No Change

– Select this option if you have an existing database schema

that you do not want to modify. This enables you to configure data
sources, EAR files, and so forth, without affecting the database.


– Select this option if you are installing a new database schema for

Place. The Oracle Installer drops all the schemas and creates new ones.


– Select this option if you have an existing database schema that

you want to update. Any existing data remains intact and modified on a
row-by-row, column-by-column basis, depending on the actions specified
in the database patches.

User ID

– Enter the user name associated with the database.


– Enter the password associated with the database.

Figure 5–8

Database Properties Screen


On the Audit FE Schema Link Properties screen, specify the user name and the
database link associated with the application schema, and then click Next.


During the installation, passwords set up in the file or on the Database Properties screens get
encrypted using the Password Security Management module. For
more information, refer to the Metalink Note 737759.1: Oracle Retail
Password Security Management Guide