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Installing Place Over Plan



Installing Place Over Plan

This chapter describes how you can install the Place application to work along with an
existing installation of Plan. It includes the procedures you can use to deploy the Place
application in the same WebLogic domain used by Plan.

It includes the following sections:

Setting Up the Plan Installation

(applies to upgrades from Plan version 2.6 or earlier)

Setting Up the Place Installation

Configuring Place

Upgrading a Co-deployed Environment

Setting Up a Foreign JMS Server on WebLogic Server

You can install the Place application over an existing installation of Plan version 2.6 (or
higher) only. Ensure that you install Plan version or upgrade from the existing version
to the latest Plan version (2.6 or higher), before installing Place.

Setting Up the Plan Installation

Before you install or upgrade the Plan application, you must edit the AUDIT schema
settings in the installation properties file and direct the installer to create a new
AUDIT schema.

To set up the installation properties for the Plan application:

Edit the install.properties file to reflect the following settings in the Oracle
Properties (Audit Database) section:



When running an upgrade, specify the following settings for all the other schemas:



The setup procedure described in this section applies

only to upgrades from Plan version 2.6.0 or earlier.

You no longer need to set the Audit schema settings for the upgrades
from Plan 2.6.1 or higher.